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CAD Equipment

Davalor Mold is technology driven offering solid modeling and numerical control programming. Davalor Mold also has surface and wire frame capabilities. Our CAD/CAM department works closely with our Toolmakers to develop the best possible mold designs, as well as tools for your parts.  

CAD Equipment List:  

HARDWARE - Latest Windows workstations

MEDIA - Steve Angst Steve.Angst@davalor.com ext. 332

PLOTTER - 1 HP Design Jet 600, 1 Xerox 8825 Laser Printer 

SOFTWARE - Cadkey, Unigraphics, Solidworks, Surfcam Plus, CamTool, Mold Flow

 Preferred Formats:

Unigraphics – Part.prt (Native format please)

Solidworks – Part.sldprt (Native format please)

Parisolid – Part.x_t

Catia – Part.mlds, Part.exp (Native format please) *one part per file please. (Cannot read or generate a print from Catia file, only read model data.)

PRO_E – (Native format please), prt, xpr

Solid Edge – (Native format please) par

SDRC – IGES Translation needed

PDGS – IGES Translation needed

All else – IGES Translation needed